Avalon V2 01

Avalon High: Vol. 2 - Homecoming is the second volume of the Arthurian legend and high school manga series.

Plot Edit

Will's dangerous brother, Marco, has been released for good behavior, and it seems as if he's turned over a new leaf. But Ellie isn't sure she trusts him yet, especially when she's having nightmares about him every night.

Meanwhile, Mr. Morton is still convinced that Ellie's boyfriend, Will, is the reincarnation of King Arthur and according to the Merlin Prophecy, if Ellie doesn't help Will believe this, too, the world is going to end this Friday, the night of the Hunter's Moon and the Avalon High Homecoming game and dance.

But all this won't stop Ellie from trying to pull off the big dinner party she's arranged to reunite Will with his parents, even though it's probably going to be a total disaster, just like her running for Homecoming Queen against Morgan, Marco's evil girlfriend.

Characters Edit


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